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Bischoff Academy course 1S: Basic knowledge of Lean and introduction to Lean tools
Suitable as a starter package for new employees - or a good introduction to Lean for those who might want to evaluate their knowledge about Lean and Lean tools. We call these modules for web or webinar modules as they are specifically formulated to be displayed via webinar and online conferences.
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Product facts for this course

Product facts.

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Web modules: No heavy reading - just watch and listen

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Briefly about the academic content of Lean and Lean tools web modules

Here you can read about the content in our 5 modules about Lean and Lean tools.
Here you can read about the content in our 5 modules about Lean and Lean tools
Here you can read about the content in our 5 modules about Lean and Lean tools
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Examples from our E-learning about Lean and Lean tools

Web module about the 5 Lean principles
Web module about Value Stream Mapping
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Heavy modules gives you a thorough understanding of the subject with many illustrative examples, ultra short text and associated speech

Product Facts about Lean and Lean tools, web modules 1-5

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Course 1s: Lean and introduction to Lean Tools course 2-13 (Danish edition)


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