Web module about Value Stream Mapping

To collaborate, solve common problems, exhibit perseverance, and follow up on tasks, that is what the business community in particular want.

Bischoff Academy

Bischoff Academy

Who are we?

Bischoff Academy is an e-learning portal.  We develop and provide online teaching regarding disciplines that are relevant for all types of business. You get Multiple Choice assignments  for every module.

Our Target groups?

Job seekers and employees, coaches or managers. We have developed specific modules in several languages.

Our service?

We offer online support and FAQ service. We test our modules, and are listening to our customers when we develop our courses.

Our offer?

Web modules for job seekers, employees, coaches and leaders. These web modules are a concentrate of our basic courses (Danish language) with emphasis on illustrations, speak to each slide, and Multiple Choice assignments for each module. Useful for a coach or manager to help the employee to use the learned skills in practice. Look at these two examples from one of our modules (Spanish and German). So far, all modules are in English, but we have more languages available very soon. Contact support for further information.
Web module in Spanish
Web module in German

More detailed information about our Web modules here