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One thing is words. Something else is action. It is a continuous process and focus, we prioritize very much.
Hans Georg Bischoff - CEO - at Bischoff Academy, Denmark
When you as an entrepreneur since 2011 still regards yourself as an entrepreneur, it is rooted basically in recognition of - and experience with - that the development never stops. I have chosen a business that has many, professionally skilled providers of all kinds of education. With this fact in mind, I have chosen to differentiate ourselves from a real fulcrum - Lean - with a focus on the pedagogical design of training modules and system, so that we have an alternative to the people, who need just our approach to teaching. We want to focus on the fact that all need to use the learned skills immediately in practice, so they do not forget, what they just have learned, and we try to reach the goal using many illustrations, some text and explanatory speak to each module. We test our courses at appropriate intervals to improve our product. Read more about what we are on target for below.
Regards, Hans Georg Bischoff, CEO
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    Bischoff Academy listens to its customers' wishes, and take account of feedback so that our courses, teaching system and method always reflects the most fundamental requirements for effective teaching, which emphasize that the acquired knowledge can immediately be used in practice.

    Bischoff Academy has as target that customer inquiries via our online support are answered within 1-4 business days, depending on the questions complexity and scope.

    Bischoff Academy are constantly looking for reviewing the technical content of our courses to reflect what employees see and experience in daily life at work - meaning that we attach great importance to practical examples from everyday life, rather than heavy, theoretical learning, where possible of course.

We believe in, and develop our business, where we among other things, follow these simple rules...

Every beginning is difficult, but your skills strengthened only through practical experience. Our Web modules are a good start.

Being a coach is not a holiday job. No, it's for example to guide and support the new employees in their efforts to get a useful understanding of their roles and duties.

Education is necessary. To practice your knowledge is better. Theory and practice are incompatible. Individually, they are only words. Educate yourself, and you know something. Work with it and you develop your skills.