E-learning methods


Our web modules have a so-called (H) review also called “heavy” illustrated as follows:

Heavy modules gives you a solid understanding of the subject area
Heavy modules give the students a thorough insight into the entire curriculum with many illustrative examples and associated speech.
Heavy modules gives you a solid understanding of the subject area
Multiple Choice: After each module, the student can test their knowledge by answering some selected Multiple choice tasks, and if necessary take a new review of the web modules so often as needed.

How Bischoff Academy web modules are organized

All web modules have only the most necessary text - The illustrations and the corresponding talk gives the necessary explanation

ABC analysis is one of the tools, which the company can use, when the company wants to optimize the product range.
As you can see, there is virtually no text in the illustration. It is quite clear when the corresponding speech is adapted, that the student by studying the illustration will gain the necessary insight into the topic.

Solves the participant subsequently Multiple Choice assignments for each module, the participant has an opportunity to review the curriculum again and again until they feel safe in the subject area of the selected curriculum. Experience shows that it provides a high learning percent.
Bischoff Academy e-learning 24/7

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