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There is a need to help job seekers and employees to understand the fundamental needs, how they can actively help to streamline their own work and the company's processes, etc.

BA blog / 17.02.17

What means Lean web modules as “The link to your job” actually?

Hans Georg Bischoff - CEO - at Bischoff Academy, Denmark



Meaning any one of, or perhaps a mixture of the following education forms:


Primary school

High school


Business school





General, but simple knowledge of important notions, what they mean and how they are not only words, but can be transformed into value-added activities, work methods etc. that benefit both you and your workplace.


Basic knowledge (our Look and Listen system):

You get quite an earthy basic knowledge of concepts that include process knowledge, process optimization, standards, tidiness, removal of inappropriate work practices, work environment improvements, the ability to cooperate with others, and learn to have a structured approach to your work - and without books. You just watch and listen.


Basic knowledge transferred to practice:

One thing is theory. Something else is practical use of the theory. This is where our web modules about Lean and Lean tools - or your starter package, we also name them - helps you on your way, by explaining relevant theory to how you do it in practice.


Foreign language is no barrier:

Speak or do you understand better in your own language, it is no obstacle. Our modules are in several languages. Look at our website what options there are.




A job is not just about a pay check, but quite a lot of your professional development, and the adding value, you can contribute with to your workplace.


You must strive for competency by working with your basic knowledge at your job.


You will learn to use simple, practical enhancing efficiency tools and templates for working methods improvements, etc.


You will learn your strengths and weaknesses to know so that you and your workplace together can plan any additional training or practical training.


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Hans Georg Bischoff